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About US

Pride Holidays is a B2A travel portal that allows travel agents to access the curated experience of our dedicated LGBTQIA+ community. Supported by our ambassadors, vendors, associations and community influencers, our mission is to ensure that our community experience is inclusive, diverse and unique, but most of all, to ensure you can be who you are wherever you are!

On Pride Holidays website we have only recommended hotels in countries and cities where attitudes to LGBTQ+ travelers are for the most-part friendly and that we were able to approach informing of our mission and proposal to attend our Community . However, not all destinations or properties listed have changed their laws and even behaviours accross the line with what is considered “tolerated”. Always make sure that you research information about LGBTQ+ travel for the destination you intend to send your client, before you book them a stay. Pride holidays team is striving to ensure the best experience, sensibilization and awareness of such unique Community within destinations , suppliers and local community and this is an on going construction, together with a network of committed ambassadors, that side by side, will bring out the best out of each destination to ensure anyone can be what they are wherever you decide to go!

When you choose your client´s travel , ensure they have a fun and safe journey and make sure they come back and tell us all about it so we can continuously improve their experience!


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